Eight-Man Parcheesi

Eight-Man Parcheesi is a version of Parcheesi intended to make the game longer and more interesting when there are only two players. Essentially, each player plays two colors at the same time (there are a few small changes to doublets rules and such to make it work, as well as a requirement that only seven pawns reach HOME).

Eight-Man Parcheesi Rules (PDF)

One thought on “Eight-Man Parcheesi”

  1. Thank you for posting this! My family is obsessed with playing large Parcheesi games, we have a couple custom 5- and 6-man boards (and a 7-man, but we only tried playing it once – takes forever to play). I once made a 2-man board just to see if it would work, the game lasted 10 minutes. This is a fantastic idea and will be trying it out soon!

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